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Getting started

Getting started

Start creating your embroidery by using the tools we provide, without the need to register.

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Pattern Creator

The tool used to create embroideries of photos is called Pattern Creator. Pattern Creator is intuitive and easy to use, even for beginners. For the more meticulous user, a number of fine-tuning options are available.

And the best part is: No registration is required to use it!

For you to get the most out of the functions in Pattern Creator, it is recommended that you glance over this page before using it for the first time. Once you've tried it out and seen how it works, it might also be helpful to check the Tips and Tricks page to learn all you need to know about how to create beautiful embroideries of your photos.

Step by step towards a complete embroidery kit

The whole process, from uploading your picture to ordering the embroidery of your photo, is composed of a few steps. Below is a description of what you need to do at every step.

Steg 1: Välj Bild
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Step 1: Choose a picture

Step 1 requires you to simply choose a photo that you would like turned into an embroidery and give it a title.

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Supported file types are .JPG and .PNG.

Steg 2: Basbehandling
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Step 2: Prepare the base

Step 2 gives you the opportunity of preparing your picture before it is made into a cross-stitch embroidery. You are able to trim and rotate the picture to your liking.

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If your picture is a portrait or something similar, then it is strongly advised that you cut out most of the area around the face so that it fills up most of the frame. The bigger the face, the better the embroidery will turn out since the embroidered face will be composed of a larger number of cross-stitches.

Steg 3: Justera
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Step 3: Adjust

Step 3 lets you adjust the embroidery using a few simple tools.

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Once you've reached step 3, your photo will be replaced by a suggested image of what your embroidery will look like. Please note that the suggested image is automatically generated by the computer, and that you can still adjust the embroidery to your liking. Step 3 allows you to make the following adjustments:

  • The size of the embroidery
  • The lighting of the embroidery, that is, the ability to change the brightness and the contrast
  • The number of colours the embroidery is composed of
  • The richness of detail of the embroidery

The following generally applies:

  • The bigger the embroidery is, the better it turns out. But that also means more sewing is required.
  • The more colourful the embroidery is, the better it turns out. But that also means more work when sewing.
  • The more detailed the embroidery is, the better it turns out. But that means having to change threads several times, making it much more time-consuming.

You are free to use these tools until you find just the right settings that fit your style. An invaluable tip is to increase both the brightness and the contrast of the picture. Practically all photos look better as embroideries if you enhance the lighting in them. Another tip, if you are unhappy about a change you've made, is to click the buttons on the bottom edge of the Pattern Creator to undo your selection and go back to a previous setting.

Don't lose hope if there are certain details that you just can't get right. The next step adds even more adjustment options.

Steg 4: Finjustera
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Step 4: Fine-tune

Step 4 gives you the opportunity of adjusting your embroidery at a very detailed level. You can even make changes to individual cross-stitches if you so please.

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The following options are available to you:

  • Make changes to individual cross-stitches with the Pen tool
  • Change the colour of a whole, one-colour area with the Paint bucket tool
  • Remove cross-stitches completely with the Eraser tool
  • Add text to your embroidery. Perfect if you want to, for example, sew your name and/or the date to your embroidery.
  • Increase or decrease the size of your embroidery. For example, if you want to add a line of text under the picture itself, then simply increase the size of the embroidery to give room for it.
  • Remove a colour completely from the embroidery. A useful option if, for example, you want to remove a white colour that you do not need to sew since the fabric underneath is already white.
  • Replace a colour. If a certain colour chosen by the computer does not fit your liking, then simply change it to one of the various colours from DMC's assortment. In addition, you also receive suggestions of similar colours which might look better. Remember that you can always undo a change you make if you are not satisfied.
  • Add a new colour. A good option if, for example, you want to add a new colour (that is not present in the embroidery) to a line of text.

As it should now be clear, there are plenty of ways to greatly alter and adjust your embroidery. And remember that any changes you make can be undone by clicking the buttons on the bottom left. You can also use the Colour Picker tool to find out what colour a specific cross-stitch has, and then use that same colour to paint a different section. A good tip is to zoom in and move the embroidery around so that you can clearly see and adjust the smaller details of certain areas or individual cross-stitches.

Step 4 is the final step in the editing process. Subsequent steps after this one are devoted to creating and finalizing your order. When you click on Next step » your embroidery is saved and the Pattern Creator is shut down before you are moved on to step 5. The save and shut down process may take a few seconds to complete.

Steg 5: Paketval
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Step 5: Choose your package

Step 5 lets you choose the items you want for your very own embroidery kit. Aside from the cross-stitch pattern, you can also purchase the threads and fabric necessary for your embroidery.

Steg 6: Leveransinformation
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Step 6: Delivery details

Step 6 is where you go over the delivery options and make any necessary changes.

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To reach step 6 you need to have registered an account at If you are not already logged in, you will be asked to do so before proceeding. If you do not have an account, create one at no cost. After registering you will be allowed to move past this step and continue with your order.

Steg 7: Bekräfta
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Step 7: Confirm your order

Step 7 gives you an overview of your order, to make sure that you are satisfied with your embroidery.

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If you have a discount coupon, this is where you use it. Just type in the coupon code and click on Deduct, and the discount will automatically be applied to the price.

After choosing the payment method, just click on Place Order to confirm your order. You will receive an e-mail from us with a confirmation that your order has been placed.

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