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How will it turn out?

How will it turn out?

What will the finished embroidery look like once I am done sewing?

To embroider a photo

When embroidering a photograph details are important. Often more important than in other embroideries. A high details amount is important for making the motive recognizable, for example a face. This means that photo embroidering can in some way be harder to stitch rather than regular embroideries because much detail involves many thread changes etc. Meanwhile, the result is something completely unique that can definitely make it worthwhile. Here at Photo Embroidery you can adjust the amount of details just the way you want your design to have. In general:

More details → Increased quality but more "single stitches" which leads to more thread changes
Less details → Decreased quality but more easy to sitch

Difference in detail adjustements
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Preview and the finished product

Our goal is to have the preview image to look as close as possible to the finished embroidery. As our costumer, we want you to feel safe shopping from us and satisfied with the products that you receive. Having the finished product precisely match the preview image is, however, impossible. Primarily because of two reasons:

  • The colours of a finished embroidery can look different depending on the lighting.
  • Different computer screens reproduce colours differently. Hence, the preview image will not be exactly like the finished embroidery.

A distinct shade of colour never looks the same to the naked eye as it does on a computer screen, printed paper, or thread. This can be a problem because screen settings and monitor quality vary substantially, and will sometimes cause a discrepancy between the preview image and the finished embroidery. The same is true for printers. In most cases the result is still satisfactory, but unfortunately, in some cases not.

We use our very own advanced image-processing methods to create the best embroideries possible, and are constantly developing this technique to improve their quality. For a really good result, it is important to know a few basic facts that apply to all embroideries:

  • The better the quality of the original picture, the better the final result: It may seem obvious, but it is especially important when turning a photo into an embroidery. Lighter pictures are usually better than darker ones, so try increasing the brightness and the contrast when creating your photo embroidery.
  • Resolution or richness of detail of the original picture: An embroidery will always have less richness of detail than the original picture. A digital picture typically has millions of pixels, which must be translated into the mere thousands of cross-stitches of a standard embroidery. This means that pictures that place a great emphasis on small details should not be used. For example, the face, a common motif, will always turn out better in the finished product if it is trimmed so that it fills up most of the frame. If the face is small in comparison to the rest of the picture then it might not be recognizable in the finished product. In other words, small details run the risk of disappearing.
  • Colour reproduction: The number of shades of threads is greatly limited. We use DMC threads with a colour palette of around 400 different shades. No thread manufacturer has more than a few hundred of any thread series, and we have chosen one of the best ones, both in terms of quality and shades. A digital picture taken with a modern camera often has several billion shades of colour, and that number must be drastically reduced in the creation of a photo embroidery. Of the DMC series' roughly 450 different shades, a maximum number of 50 shades are selected and available to you. This means that the colour composition of the embroidery will differ from the original photo. It should also be mentioned that the human eye is very capable of distinguishing between different shades, and for that reason, an embroidery will always look different when compared to the original photo.

These irregularities are based on facts and are impossible to avoid. This applies as much to our business as it does to our competitors' because an embroidery, by definition, will always have a lower richness of detail and colour reproduction than the original photo the embroidery is based off of. In summary, it should be said that it is important to choose an appropriate photo in which the small details are not so important, as well as augment the parts which are crucial to the visual experience.

Our service is unique in that the customer can always preview the result before placing an order, something which is much appreciated.

We welcome you to!



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