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Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Learn the tricks to creating a professional-looking photo embroidery in just a few minutes

Here you'll find tips about what to consider when creating your very own embroidery, and hopefully the result will become even better after reading them.

Tip 1: Choose the right picture

This is the first and most important tip. The picture you choose basically decides the quality of the embroidery. Some pictures are better than others, and the general rule is that you should choose a picture with a simple subject matter. For instance:

  • A face
  • A dog

The more motives in the picture, the bigger you need to make the embroidery if you want all the details to be distinguishable and identifiable. This means that if you have a group photo containing more than two faces, then you should consider splitting the photo into separate embroideries instead of doing them all in one piece. You can use our Crop Tool to accomplish this. More on cropping in Tip 2.

It's also important that the picture be clear and in focus, so that the theme in the photo embroidery is easy to discern. Light pictures are better than dark ones.

Tip 2: Cut away background that is irrelevant

To make your embroidery as discernable and recognizable as possible, it is important that you let your subject matter take up as much of the embroidery as possible. This is when you should use our Crop Tool. Compare the two pictures below.

In the picture on the right, the face (the focus of the photo) takes up a much bigger part of the embroidery compared to the picture on the left. This means that the embroidery doesn't need to be as big (for the picture on the right) for the face to be recognizable. You can trim your picture during step 2 of the Pattern Creator.

Tip 3: Sizing your embroidery

At, you can basically make your embroidery as big as you want. But how do you choose the correct size? Maybe you already have a specific size in mind, like if you want it to match a certain painting that is already up on your wall. If you don't have any current size requirements, then continue reading this tip.

Sizing decides whether an embroidery will be a monthlong project, or take several years to complete. You should consider this when deciding the right size for your embroidery. It's impossible to say how long it takes to sew an embroidery, since it will vary from person to person. But, one thing is for sure: the bigger the embroidery, the higher the resolution (that is, more cross-stitches), which will greatly improve the result.

Tip 4: Brighten the picture

A really good and simple tip to better your embroidery is to improve the lighting in the picture. In other words, make it brighter. Practically all photos look better as embroideries if you enhance the lighting in them. Compare the pictures below:

Try enhancing both the brightness and the contrast (see the picture above).

Tip 5: Remove the background

At, you can choose to remove the background from your embroidery. This has several benefits:

  • It creates an extra sense of depth in the embroidery, since the subject is "in front" of the fabric.
  • The subject becomes clearer
  • The embroidery will cost less, since less thread is used

Use our Eraser tool to remove cross-stitches from your embroidery. Read more under Getting started »

Tip 6: Add a line of text

To make your embroidery even more personal and unique, you have the option of adding a short line of text to it. For instance, add a name and/or date that represent something in the embroidery. You can increase all sides of the embroidery as you please to give room for the line of text.

You can add several lines of text, all with different typefaces, if you like. For instance, writing a name using a thick font and then adding the date below it using a thinner font usually comes out really good (the picture on the right demonstrates this).

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