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What do I get?

What do I get?

You'll receive a complete embroidery kit with everything needed to sew your unique photo embroidery

The complete embroidery kit


You decide what should be included in your embroidery package. Enclosed in the package is a high-quality printout of your pattern, which details the sewing process. You then have the option of purchasing the appropriate fabric and threads for your embroidery. If you purchase a thread, you will also receive a sewing needle. You can instantly after payment download your pattern in PDF format from the website. If you ordered any extras (threads, fabric or hoop), we pack it all in a padded envelope together with a printed copy of your pattern and specification. Everything is sent to you within 1-2 weeks of your order being placed.


A pattern, or chart, is a large sheet of paper with a grid on it in which each square represents a cross-stitch on the fabric. On every square is a symbol that corresponds to a specific colour. If you'd like to know more about the pattern, click on Cross-stitch school. You can always download your pattern from our website, as many times as you want. The pattern comes only printed in conjunction with the purchase of any extras (threads, fabric or hoop). If you buy the pattern alone, you have to download and print the pattern yourself. The pattern is divided into A4 sized papers that you glue yourself according to a supplied specification.



You may also purchase fabric for use in your embroidery. The fabric that you receive is of a suitable size (with a 5 cm allowance on each side) for your embroidery and is ironed and ready to be embroidered. It's also zigzagged along the sides to prevent tearing when handling it.

Threads and needle

The threads that you receive are of appropriate length, which depends on how much sewing you need to do. The amount of thread needed depends on your own personal skills and techniques when sewing, for example, how hard you sew a stitch or how often you choose to fasten. Necessary lengths have been calculated based on measurements of various sewn embroideries, and should be enough. If you purchase a thread, you'll also receive a sewing needle.


Embroidery hoop

You can also purchase an embroidery hoop. It tightens the fabric while you sew, which makes the embroidering process a whole lot more comfortable. We strongly suggest you purchase a hoop if you don't already own one, since it makes the embroidering process both remarkably easier and more enjoyable. The hoop is 13 cm in diameter and is composed of an elastic steel ring that easily clamps onto a round plastic frame.

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